When it comes to shooting on location or simply trying to keep a film set safe from harm, private security is a good choice. That is why we are committed to making sure that you get some of the best options. We aim to make sure that your set is fully protected from the beginning of the production through to the end.

From security guards to monitor and protect expensive equipment or vehicles, to crowd management, we can help. We can even keep an eye out for any unwanted attention from paparazzi or social media gossipers looking to get a quick scoop.

The Latest Security Measures

A film set can be a very exciting place, full of intrigue and the mystery behind a new blockbuster. Understandably, this makes it a target for paparazzi, social media influencers, and oftentimes criminals. A comprehensive professional security service helps to prevent your set from being compromised.


We provide several modern solutions like an electronic bug sweep to find and remove any traces of spyware, and private security who can patrol the film set and make sure that everyone who is working on the set is supposed to be there.


We take location security very seriously and
strive to offer up the best results for our clients.

Work With the Best

We offer you the chance to work with some of the best security professionals because we understand how important it can be for you to be able to get the right results. Most of our staff are ex-military, and have considerable training in providing enhanced security.


As a private security guard, they will make sure that the solution at work for your set or location is top-notch - there can be no gaps in the security field and we recognise that.


You can have a personal security guard remain on the set or they can patrol the area to remain active.

Security For All Needs

Naturally, we strive to provide you with security measures for all situations. If you need discreet security for meetings, then our staff can be there to guarantee safety, and will be subject to whatever non-disclosure agreements you feel are necessary on top of our existing privacy policy.


Alternatively, we can offer enhanced security from home. Some people may choose to enter the home of a key figure to try and gain information about the latest movie or production, which is why we are on hand to make sure this doesn’t happen.

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Your film production is an important place, and it needs to be appropriately guarded to guarantee that the finished product is smooth and successful. To make sure that we can support you, we strive to offer you a broad range of different solutions.


Please contact a team member to discuss your needs. We would be happy to talk about what security measures you need. When we work with a client, we will create a tailored, bespoke security solution for them. It means that when we help you with your needs, we’ll be working with you to make sure that your concerns are addressed and that your film set is safe. Get in touch!


Bespoke Services

Close Protection

Competent & professional personal protection

Residential Security

Residential Security

Peace of mind around home security

COVID Asset Protection

Asset certainty during uncertain times

Film Set Security

Film Set Security

Protect your project from unwanted interruption

Penetration Tests

Penetration Tests

Find and fix security weak points

Risk Management

Risk Management

quantify and reduce the your enterprise risk

Chaperone Service

Chaperone Service

Carry out your day to day activities worry-free

Location Security

Mitigate the threats associated with production

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